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Below you can find some photograps we have managed to take over the years. You can click the images for larger versions.

Merja and Mika Häkkinen
Merja ja Mika Häkkinen having a lunch, 1997

Antero's Mustang '65
Ford Mustang '65

Drive practice in Alastaro, August 2001
Merja & Formula IV

Drive practice in Alastaro, August 2001
Merja in a Formula Opel

Merja's Pontiac Firebird
Merja's Pontiac Firebird

Merja's Ford Mustang convertible

Drive practice in Alastaro, August 2001
A little spin with a Formula Ford

FIC'03 start
Start of the race at FIC'03

Merja, Mika and Kimi
Mika, Merja and Kimi having a meeting ;)

Merja and Kimi
Formula drivers M.F. and Kimi Räikkönen

Merja & Mustang!
Merja and Mustang '2005

ahkovuori and Formulas on Ice
Finnish Icedriving Championships 2003

Merja & Bike
Cindy the Bike

Nurburgring Oldtimer Festival June 2007

Emerentsia Team, July 2007

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