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Uusi kirjani ennakkomyynnissä - My New business book in presale
Written on Sunday, September 22. 2013 @ 11:42


Number ONE in my first race weekend in 3 years
Written on Monday, September 16. 2013 @ 0:23

The national Historic Race of Finland had its last race weekend in Botniaring in Jurva. I rented the racing car from a fellow driver and my Team Chief Seppo made the car fly !!!

Back on Race Track in Jurva 14-15.9.2013
Written on Thursday, August 22. 2013 @ 20:39

Hello racing fans, I will drive again in Historic Race in Jurva. It will be great to test the new longer & faster racetrack. It has been 3 years since my last race.

Merja's new homepage
Written on Monday, April 16. 2012 @ 13:56

Hi all, please find my other homepage through this link


You can find the link to the Doctoral thesis as well:-)

PhD public defence on Friday 17th of Feb 2012
Written on Tuesday, February 14. 2012 @ 14:36

Merja will defence her Doctoral thesis this week Friday, read more here:

Merja in Moottori magazine 11/2010
Written on Saturday, October 30. 2010 @ 20:06

You can find several pictures from Merja and Finnvau in the latest Moottori Magazine.

Interview in TV1 22.8.2010
Written on Monday, August 23. 2010 @ 11:15

Great racing weekend again at Ahvenisto Race Track.
Merja was interviewed by the TV1 news channel.

Written on Saturday, November 14. 2009 @ 10:44

Yesterday evening, 500 Formula Racing Club, honoured Seppo ”Kessu” Nieminen as THE BEST TEAM CHIEF of the Year. Seppo has had a significant role in the Finnish Formula racing community since 1960’s . He has been driving himself many yesrs and building Formula Vee racing cars, also together with Max Johansson. All these years he has supported many Formula drivers: young, old, Finnish, Swedish, men and women to be competitive in their racing careers’.

I have been one of these lucky ones. Yesterday, I was granted THE BIGGEST SURPRISE Historic Formula Driver of the year 2009. I want to thank Seppo for this trophy; for joining me to the trips to Europe and taking care of, both my mental training as well as my FINNVAU racing car, which by the way is build by Seppo in 1971’.

Many thanks to the 500 Racing Club Board of Directors to grant our TEAM these honours.

3rd Place in HRF Season's Finals in Alastaro!
Written on Sunday, September 27. 2009 @ 10:02

The last race for this season was in Alastaro Race track in Finland. I prefer this Track as my "hometrack". I did actually start my driving career in 1992 in the very same HRF Season's Finals. At that time, I was driving (testing) around the track with my Escort RS Turbo (civil car).

Yesterday was good and tough racing. The support of the Team was Great. We were lucky and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Autumn weather.Jyrki Laine won with his "golden formula" and Juke Puurunen was second. We had a tough "jäsenten välinen" race with Jan, who finalised 4rd.
Juke has not been racing in Finland lately. He has been racing in European tracks during the last years with a great success. Juke has inspired me to visit the European Formula Vee races; Many thanks to him!
Esko Kumpulainen was 2nd in Van Diemen and Hannu Nieminen was 4rd, so our team was very succesfull overall.,..though winning is not everything, but having good time on racing and giving the best out of yourself.
Now it is time to pack FinnVau and Hotel Transit to wait for the next season to come....

Written on Sunday, August 16. 2009 @ 21:10

This was a great weekend, on Saturday the weather was sunny and driving was like "flying". I finalised 3rd, and was satisfied. The weather forecast for Sunday was promising heavy rain and i almost decided to pass the race. After warming-up on Sunday morning (in rain), i decided to go for it and take the race as a practising exercise. A great surprise happened, as the sun came and the blue sky opened just before our start was. So the racing was good, and I was merely cruising to keep the 3rd position. A BIG SURPRISE was that I was the best Finnish Formula Vee one carpurator driver for the whole weekend and I was gratitude with a special VEE TROPHY, with names of the former winners like; Bisse Airaksinen, Kim Pettersson, Jari Nieminen (Seppo's son), Jarmo Brandes, Jyrki Laine etc. The trophy is on my Team Chief’s desk to remind him (till the next year's race), how well he has taken care of my car and my coaching to this level in expertise. Pictures by Jukka Heikkilä:
.see pictures here.
.see video here.

SPA Success 13.6.2009 _ The Best Race track!
Written on Thursday, July 2. 2009 @ 16:32

The team participated to the SPAITALIA weekend in this beautiful race track in Belgium. We were driving with the German Formula vee club. FINNVAU and the driver were FAST and suprised everyone. Now they know, that Finns are fast...even being a woman :-)
Please check here the picture Show from SPA race on 13th of June 2009. Notice especially how a white-blue formula driver is "concentrading in one picture".

.see more here.

p.s. olin koko porukan nopein (yks-kaasari) , ja taakse jäi myös muutama formula Vee ja kaks-kaasari formuloita, ehkä keskittyminen oli taikasana (tai sitten kansallisuus). SPA on hienoin rata missä olen koskaan ajanut!

TODAY the team takes off towards SPA Francorchamps
Written on Tuesday, June 9. 2009 @ 13:43

The team is heading today towards the legendary race track. We have our race on Saturday 13th of June. Let's hope for a sunny day....Curva Rosso here we come!

FIRST Race in Spa-Francorchamps circuit 13th of June
Written on Thursday, May 7. 2009 @ 17:24

The first race in Season 2009 will take place in Spa on Saturday 13th of June. See the link to the raceweekend pages...COOL!!
.see more here.

Formula is ready to RACE !
Written on Saturday, March 7. 2009 @ 12:51

Team manager, Seppo "Kessu", has finalised the engine service and other finetuning and the racing car is ready fo RACE! This year we had to change the safety belts and renew the fire extinguisher...some finetuning needs to happen with the Lady Driver....

Artic Rallye in Rovaniemi 23-25 Jan
Written on Sunday, January 18. 2009 @ 14:12

Looking forward to watch next weekend how 4 Finnish Formula Driver's race in the Artic Rallye. There is Mika H, Mika S, Kimi and Jay Jay Lehto. I hope it is not too cold...

Race in Spa-Francorchamps circuit starts the season in MAY 2009 !
Written on Tuesday, December 16. 2008 @ 12:21

Yes Yes, The team starts to prepare the Car and the Driver and the Team Chief "Kessu" for the legendary Historic race in The Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The race track is near the border of Belgium and Germany.
Citation from the Race track homepage:" In 1939 human imagination gave birth to a unique bend. Raidillon - Eau Rouge was to become famous throughout the world, the cynosure of every driver."

Merja's article in Talouselämä newspaper 21.11.2008
Written on Friday, November 21. 2008 @ 20:03

By reading this article you will understand better, what drives me in my life! "Through understanding of the role of emotions and positive human interaction =>extraordinary performance will happen => that benefits everybody!
Get the story (in Finnish)

Winter season is here! ENJOY SNOW
Written on Sunday, November 9. 2008 @ 11:39

Hi all, enjoy the winter, skiing and snowmobiling :-) My 2009 racing schedule is still open; I will only pick few races in Europe, the favourite one being SPA.. I will focus my full attention to my PhD research.

500 Club Xmas party on Friday 31th of October
Written on Wednesday, September 24. 2008 @ 13:45

Hello all racing friends, please notice as a early warning, that the "500 kerhon pikkujoulut" will be in Santahaminan upseerikerho. Music, Dancing, Season prize giving and great fun!! Welcome all. More information and invitations can be bought from Seppo Nieminen, Esko Kumpulainen and Kurt Sevon.

Historic Grand Race results 22-24.8
Written on Sunday, August 24. 2008 @ 19:10

It was great to be back and race at homeland again  The Saturday started great; sunshine and warm. I had the target to improve my lap time from last year (138.886) 3 seconds. In qualification I was 3rd (out of 13 drivers), with determined and focused driving the lap time was 135.439 First race was ok, I finalized 4th. We changed the tires from qualification; and there were a little bit slippery. Well today Sunday we had the 2nd race; the track was very oily after a big crash in the other series; and that of course made us drive more carefully. I had an interesting "battle" with Peter and Tommi; we changed positions all the time; must have been interesting for the racing spectators; I even had a tire connection with Peter. I was 6th in the race out of 14 drivers. The weather was sunny all weekend and I was happy with the team: Seppo, Esko, Jan, Hannu & Voti.

Ahvenisto Grand Race 23-24. August
Written on Wednesday, August 6. 2008 @ 15:20

The Team and vehicles are back from Europe and we are ready for the next race in Ahvenisto.

See some pictures from 2007 40 years Jubileum Race

Super fast weekend in Nurburgring !!
Written on Tuesday, July 1. 2008 @ 11:39

It was a Great racing weekend in Nurburgring 27-29.6. The atmosphere was super and we all enjoyed the historical monoposto racing. I improved my lap time with 9 seconds since last year :-), and according to the Team Manager Seppo, this was the first time I was really racing (like a maniac). Svenna Hedman (SE) finalized here his over 30 years of racing career and qualified 3rd in both races; Congratulations! Thanks Svenna for the TANGO.
I had great races and fun with all my (male) competitors, additional flavor was that Seppo had his birthday on Friday and we had party time with Swedish colleagues.
I want to thank Helana (HMR NL) for making this race possible for all of us.
...Yes, I finalised 4th in both races; we were totally 8 cars in Class A.

Next race at Nurburgring 27-29th of June
Written on Wednesday, June 4. 2008 @ 15:21

See the video from last years race.here. Where Merja was second at the 1st and third at the 2nd race.Merja is still the owner of the track record on Formula Vee one carputors.....

Written on Tuesday, June 3. 2008 @ 11:44

The season's first race in Europe started with the 60 Years JUBILEUMS RACE at Zantvoorth race track. This was Merja's first visit to this legendary race track; where team chef Seppo "Kessu" Nieminen was successfully racing in 1975 with the sister car of Finnvau. Merja learned the track fast; improving her time in every practising. In the two races; she was 4th and 5th out of total 7 drivers. Juke Puurunen (FIN) finalised 3rd in both races. The weekend climaxed with a parade in the village streets, with thousands of spectators and opening of the Formula Museum down town. Merja got her picture at the nation wide Newspaper " De Telegraaf". See here a VIDEO from the parade. You might find a familiar car:-) Also some pictures: parade, parc fermee.

Next race will be at Nurburgring the last weekend of June.

Merja's story at Ladies BIKES CLUB member magazine May-2008
Written on Tuesday, June 3. 2008 @ 11:35

Please check this article, that was published in May at the LADIES BIKES CLUB member magazine.

First Practising Sunday 11th of May
Written on Monday, May 12. 2008 @ 15:56

The weather was beautiful, when the team had the first practising at Alastaro race track on Mother's day. Everything went well, and the car is now fit for race in Zantvoort. Team manager Seppo has made excellentjob during the winter, and Finnvau is faster than ever, many many thanks! The new (= old, model 1989) Ford transit is also in good shape to support the transportation of the formula an the team in the European Tournee 2008.

Season starts at the Zantvoort jubileum race 1st of June
Written on Sunday, February 17. 2008 @ 14:15

The team will start the season by participating to the Zantvoort jubileum race at the 1st of June. see some video from the race track

Happy New Year 2008!
Written on Wednesday, January 2. 2008 @ 16:37

Hi there, I hope you have enjoyed your Holidays! I spent the Xmas time in the sunny and warm (& rainy) Spain; having fun with Enduro: Yamaha TDM 850. YES! see here more of the Spanish scenery, though my bike is not the one in this picture.here.

Highlights of the season: 2007
Written on Tuesday, November 13. 2007 @ 19:06

June: The big dream to drive in the legendary Formula One race tracks, came true, when our racing team (Kessu, Kurre and myself) headed to Nurburgring Oldtimer festival. Special flavour to this race gave that the weekend was also the 80th anniversary of the opening of the track. My achievements: 2nd and 3rd position, first lady at the Podium since 11 years and I am now also holding the Formula Vee track record in Nurburgring....not bad!!The magnificent results can be seen also through this link:

July: Paphos karting championship (see newsletter earlier)

August: Successful race at Ahvenisto with many friends visiting the pit lane.

September: New personal Alastaro track record during the season's final race.

Additionally 2 new family members entered the team: Cindy (CBF Honda 600S) and Busse (Ford Transit a new motored home for Formula). I do enjoy driving with them as well.

Season 2008 planning has already started as mentioned earlier, the team will join Juke Puurunen and all the other Formula Drivers from Sweden, Holland, Germany, and England to drive in Europe; this time several races. I hope to be able to convince more Finns to conquer the Europe with us! (to follow Keke, Mika, Kimi, Heikki,,)

Thank you all my friends for taking the time to visit my homepage!
Merja (also called Mertsi)

Merja at V8 Magazine 7/2007 in page 68
Written on Thursday, November 1. 2007 @ 21:00

Hey, Check the story and picture at V8 Magazine!

Formula Vee 45th Birthday Party In April 2008
Written on Tuesday, October 16. 2007 @ 14:01

Hey, check this link.here.

A New racing team Member "Busse"
Written on Sunday, October 14. 2007 @ 18:07

A new member joined the racing team this weekend. He is a Ford Transit and will be "the motored home" for Finnvau. The van was bought from Uppsala and named "Busse" according to the former owner (Bo Pettersson, a famous Swedish Historic Formula driver). The idea is that formula fits inside the van and it will be convienent to transport and storage the formula, while racing (only!) in Europe during season 2008.

Check this link for pictures taken in Ahvenisto Race
Written on Thursday, October 4. 2007 @ 16:56


Team joined Historic Monoposto Racing HMR Club in Netherlands
Written on Wednesday, September 12. 2007 @ 18:36

The team is a member of the HMR Club in Netherlands. This will open the opportunities to drive in the European race tracks. see the homepage link

Season's last race at ALASTARO Saturday 9th of Sept
Written on Saturday, September 8. 2007 @ 22:58

Hello all, the final race day was full of surprises. In the warming-up race, I collided with an other car, that was driving in an other series ( with 100 hp more); as he was sidestepping from an other car. Well, as always, there is at least 3 different stories how everything went...my only injury, was a broken tire. I want to thank Jyrki Laine for his generosity for lending me a tire of his, so that I could continue my racing weekend. In qualification I drove ONE second better lap time, than before and I was really happy:-)
Good things don’t last forever...it started to rain when we were at the line-up and the race was just painful, though i finalised ok.
Well, as my team chef Seppo summarized this season’s results: no physical insures to the car or driver; only some mental bruises...that will heal by time.
Thanks for everyone who has been there to make this racing season happen; especially my team chef Seppo, and team mates: Esko, Hannu and Voti and especially ANTON, our new young mechanics, from the VanDiemen team.

News Flashes in MOOTTORI and Vauhdin Maailma Magazines!
Written on Saturday, August 25. 2007 @ 12:38

Hi all, please check the latest issue of MOOTTORI magazine nr 9 page 9. There is a news flash about our team's succesfull race in Nurburgring in June. See also the news in Vauhdin Maailma homepage.here.

40th Years Celebration race at Ahvenisto Grand Race
Written on Sunday, August 19. 2007 @ 21:33

We had this weekend the season top racing weekend. There were more than five thousand spectators and almost 200 Historic car drivers. The old drivers from 1967 brought very special spice to the weekend. My team chef; Seppo “Kessu” Nieminen was one of them. Seppo was driving few laps together with some of his fellow competitors from 40 years ago. The drivers of today must honour these bold drivers that have open the trail for us and all the famous formula drivers since 1967; you all know the famous names...

Racing was fun and I am really happy for this weekend's results. See some pictures here: Merja, Formula driver '67, Seppo & Svenna, Ahvenisto 2007

Merja was interviewed in MTV3 news sat 28th July
Written on Saturday, July 28. 2007 @ 23:52

Hi, merja was interviewed in her beautiful cabrio Mustang at the "Mustang rally" on the MTV3 10pm News on Sat 28th of July.

Paphos Karting Championship 2007
Written on Saturday, July 28. 2007 @ 22:37

The race took place in Paphos on 23th of July. We were 17 participants from the Seminar "Tulenkantajat" a'la Professor Esa Saarinen. The sun was hot (+35 celcius) and so was the race as well.
After tough races, the obvious winner was a female...the most unexpected result...I want to thank all my competitors, especially Esko and Ari, for a fair and challenging race. The lively speculations before and after the race were most fun!! Pictures: Winners, More winners

Jurva Race 14-15.7
Written on Monday, July 16. 2007 @ 23:40

Weekend was high success at the beginning and total disappointment at the very end. On Saturday Finnvau was flying on the qualification and I made my track record.
But the races were not that fun: To find some excuses: on Sunday we had rain all day long. On the first race I had wrong tires and on the second race I could not see anything...there were alot of oil on the track. Well, next time better luck. See few pictures here (taken by Mico Wikstrom): pic1, pic2, pic3.

Two Flying Finns in Nurburgring Oldtimer Festival!!
Written on Sunday, June 17. 2007 @ 23:43

My first visit to a historic race in Europe was a great fun and also success. It was a special weekend in many ways. The first race in Nurburgring was driven exactly 80 years ago and this was the 25th Oldtimer festival on a road. Due to this special occasion, the racetrack was filled with very old racing cars, even some of those had been racing at the very first race in June 1927. Totally there were more than 300 historic racing cars on the race track during the weekend, f.ex old Formula 1 cars made a great show for us.

The weekend started with heavy rain and storm, we had rain at the first rehearsal, but both race starts were luckily driven in good weather conditions. It was incredible feeling to start the engine at the same grid as real Formula 1 cars does.

Juke Puurunen (FIN) won both races and I (Merja)finalised SECOND in the first and THIRD in the second race.It had taken 11 years since a FEMALE had been on the podium last time!!! Wau, I was really making history.

In our race were 21 historic formula cars, 5 being Formula Vee one carburettor. Both races were great fun and also tough, thanks to my fellow competitors Frans (NL) and Louis and Lennart (SE). I’d like to thank also the great team that supported us to the victories: Seppo, Kurre, Anne, Pertti and Jussi.

See some pictures: Frans, Merja & Juke, Juke, Pera & Kessu, Twin Winners 1, Twin Winners 2, Nürburgring, Beautiful Old Cars

Speeding up for Nurburgring!!
Written on Monday, June 11. 2007 @ 23:15

Hi all, the first Historic Race was driven this weekend in Kemora. I did enjoy racing and this was a good practise for the Oldtimer festival race next weekend in Nurburgring!!!!

My team in Nurburgring: Crew Chef: Seppo Nieminen, technical advisor: Kurt Sevon. Juke Puurunen and his crew will participate to the race weekend as well.

Official results for Kemora are here: www.historicrace.fi/cuppiste4.htm.

Smiling Bikers in Loimaa
Written on Saturday, May 19. 2007 @ 22:24

I had SEVEN real gentlemen to escort me on my ROOKIE Motorcycle trip to Alastaro and Loimaa. We found a nice "short cut" through Koski, Marttila, Niinijoki...(in total 400 km) . We were among appr. 2000 other Motorcyclist in this yearly event.
I want to thank all my coaches for their patience and guidance!!:-) Here's some pictures: motorists, team in alastaro, bikes

Season 2007 starts at Kemora 8-9. June!
Written on Thursday, May 17. 2007 @ 12:14

Hey all Friends,
The racing season is soon here, The highlight will be my participation to the OLD TIMER race at Nurburgring 15-17th of June. See more here: check this.here.

The national racing schedule can be found here here.

You are all welcome to visit our paddock!
Many Hugs,
Merja :-)

New Family member CINDY
Written on Monday, April 16. 2007 @ 8:54

Hi all, Yesterday the new family member joint the racingteam. Her name is Cindy and She is a Honda CBF 600 S. She is beautiful and likes to drive in a sunny and warm wheather.Check here some pictures of the proud owner and her red beauty: pic1, pic2, pic3

Vauhdin Maailma 03/2007
Written on Tuesday, March 6. 2007 @ 8:04

Check the latest news from VM on page 68th.

News flash about Merja in HANAA Magazine nr 16/Nov 2006
Written on Wednesday, January 17. 2007 @ 10:44

Hi, please find attached a story about Merja's motivation to drive and her achievements in 2007. Unfortunately the article is in Finnish.ENJOY:-)

European Tournee in summer 2007
Written on Saturday, January 6. 2007 @ 11:16

Planning has started to explore the European Race Tracks this year!! I am participating in a group of Finnish Formula Drivers to race in some of the Historic Races in Europe. I will keep you informed how the plans will proceed, check this.here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Written on Friday, December 22. 2006 @ 13:07

Hi all friends, It has been a great year in many ways, new openings in my life and many unexpected achievements, both in racing and academic life. These achievements could not have been possible without the support and help of friends and companions; many great thanks for you all there; where ever you are.

The Racing achievement; first podium position was of course great fun and I want to thank once more my team chef, Seppo "Kessu" Nieminen for all guidance.

The Academic achievement; the study leave in MIT, Boston was full of new experiences and new close friends. I have learned that I need to have the courage to jump into new and undiscovered paths to walk and taste the life, to learn to be more for myself and others.

I wish you all a peaceful Xmas time and a prosperous year 2007!

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

SMART choice?
Written on Saturday, October 21. 2006 @ 12:52

My new city car is a beautiful Smart (smallest Mercedes!). She eats only 4,8 l/100 Km on average and is tiny and neat to park. This won't of course save the planet, but is my first step to the Hybrid car. Merja :o) Pics: Front, Back, Inside.

Final Race: PODIUM Position !!
Written on Saturday, September 9. 2006 @ 22:27

Hey all, the last race was great FUN and I finalised THIRD! I have been waiting for this so long and now the dream came through. I want to thank my Team Chef Seppo "Kessu" Nieminen for the good guidance and finetuning my car so well. Please find here some pictures: Pic1, Pic2.
Official results are here: www.historicrace.fi/cuppiste4.htm.

Historic Grand Race Results
Written on Monday, August 28. 2006 @ 11:07

Hi all,
The first race weekend this year was a great JOY!! I was really pleased with the results,I enjoyed driving and had great fun. The wheater was fine all weekend.

I want to thank especially my Team Chief Seppo "Kessu" Nieminen for coaching me carefully with my driving and ensuring, that FinnVau worked 100% well. Please find here the results link: www.historicrace.fi/cuppiste4.htm.

Merja :-)

Historic Grand Race in Ahvenisto 26-27.8.2006
Written on Thursday, August 3. 2006 @ 15:26

Hi all, you are welcome to see the racing season TOP Event in Hämeelinna, Ahvenisto. This racing weekend, is also part of the Scandinavian championship. Please find the latest schedule here.

Merja is on Study leave in Boston 1st of Feb till August
Written on Thursday, February 2. 2006 @ 22:28

Hi all Friends and homepage visitors, I am now in USA to make my research work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I am looking forward to be back to Finland in time to participate to the Ahvenisto Grand Race at Hämeenlinna the last weekend of August.Take Care, I will ! A Big Hug to Everybody. Merja :-)

New video clip!
Written on Wednesday, November 23. 2005 @ 13:29

Check out the new video clip from last year's Savonlinna Vauhtiajot here.

Final Race DONE!
Written on Sunday, September 11. 2005 @ 15:32

Great time again with great team. Saturday 10th of September finalised the racing season. I qualified third with a great time. THe race was tight with real RACING and this time experience won. I finalised 6th. Jarmo Brandes was first again but them next 5 drivers had the fastest lap on the same second! I would like to thank all co-drivers for a interesting season. Many small indicents but not any major accident.
The year started with adjusted technical regulations, that made some unnecessary consufion and agony within the dirvers. Let's hope we can continue next year our racing with high honour of the history and tradition of these old cars and the drivers who's steps we follow ; and drive these beautiful old racing cars with joy and happiness.
I want to thank especially my Team Manager Seppo "Kessu" Nieminen for coaching me carefully with my driving and ensuring, that FinnVau has been 100% liable and fast racing car. Please find here the results link: www.historicrace.fi/cuppiste4.htm.

Merja :-)

Season Finals in Alastaro Sat 10th of Sept
Written on Wednesday, September 7. 2005 @ 20:46

Our season finals is this weekend in Alastaro race track. This is the last opportunity to see the team in racing in this format.
We start at 10 am and will finish by 6 pm.

Site updates.
Written on Wednesday, August 24. 2005 @ 11:12

Little changes done to the site, check especially the new pictures in the Gallery. If you find any bugs, email me. -Webmaster.

Ahvenisto Historic Grand Race 20-21th of August
Written on Monday, August 8. 2005 @ 18:59

Hi all, you are welcome to see the racing season TOP Event in Hämeelinna, Ahvenisto. This raceweekend, is also part of the Scandinavian championship. Please find the latest schedule here.

Merja met President Tarja Halonen
Written on Thursday, November 25. 2004 @ 8:34

view more from this link:www.systemsintelligence.hut.fi/president.html.

Merja and Seppo in V8 magazine nr. 7
Written on Friday, November 12. 2004 @ 13:43

Check the picture and the story about Merja and Seppo and also Jari (Seppo's son driving Van Diemen)in the newly published V8 magazine page 75.

Final results of the 2004 season
Written on Thursday, October 28. 2004 @ 14:17

Final results of the Gulf Historic Cup can be viewed from this link: www.historicrace.fi/cuppiste4.htm. Merja finalised 4th and Tapani 7th.

Merja finalized 6th in the Nordic CUP in Mantorp, Sweden 25-26th September
Written on Monday, September 27. 2004 @ 10:35

We were 5 formula's (Kim Pettersson, Juke Puurunen, Caj Hasselgren, Veikko Ukkola and Merja) and 4 historic cars (Yrjölä, Suominen, Liukkonen, 2x Snabb) in the Race in Mantorp. We had a "warming-up" race on Saturday, part of Swedish Championship series and the CUP was driven on Sunday. We were lucky with the weather, it did rain heavily during the evenings and nights, but daytime we had sunshine and warmth.
The results: Group B 1. Caj, 2. Veikko: Group G: 4. Juke and 6. Merja. During the weekend we had some issues, like Finns were not given prices according to the results, you got penalty if you bypassed a Swede...inspite of these "small things" we had great spirit in the Finnish team and we welcomed all Swedish racing fans to drive to Finland next year. See pictures: On the way to Mantorp, Start of the race.

Results from Alastaro finals 11.9.2004
Written on Sunday, September 12. 2004 @ 20:26

What a great Weekend, Merja Qualified SECOND

The results can be seen from the official pages here.

Nordic CUP in Mantorp, Sweden 25-26 th September
Written on Monday, September 6. 2004 @ 14:18

Merja will participate to the Nordic Cup (one race!) in Mantorp, Sweden. The other "Finnish team members" to fight for the Nordic Formula Vee Championship are Kim Pettersson, Veikko Ukkola, Juke Puurunen and caj Hasselgren. It's going to be great "FINNKAMPEN".

Ahvenisto Historic Grand Race 28-29th of August
Written on Monday, September 6. 2004 @ 13:48

The season TOP weekend started very rainy on Friday and some unfortunate accidents also happened, but luckily any of the Formulas were not involved in any crash. All team members were participating and having great fun. More pictures taken by Mikko Karppanen. The results can be seen from the official pages here.

Savonlinna Vauhtiajot 15th August
Written on Wednesday, August 18. 2004 @ 12:21

The weather and atmosphere was great and we did have FUN. Please find here some pictures from the day: Medalists, Waiting...

Race in Kemora 17-18. July 2004
Written on Tuesday, July 20. 2004 @ 11:52

We were lucky to have the first really sunny and warm weekend in this summer! The team arrived already on Friday morning to the race track and started to build the camp. Friday afternoon was busy with training sessions and the day ended up with Sauna.The Saturday was as warm and sunny.We had two training sessions and the qualifying. The qualifying went well, Merja finalised 5th and Tapani 7th. If we consider, that one driver, Alf, is not driving in our series, this was a great result! The whole weekend continued well, our co-team driver Jari Nieminen (Seppo's son) won both of his races.
See here the start videoclip: start and the final results: (not yet) some pictures: team, wappi.

Season's first Race at Jurva 5-6th June
Written on Thursday, June 3. 2004 @ 19:53

The first race weeekend was full of suprises. The team consists of two drives: Merja and Tapani and the two great mechanic: Seppo and Anssi.Merja Qualified in the first race 5th and Tapani 6th. The start of the race confused us, as the lights did not function and partly due to that there were a big mess in the first curve. See the videoclip here: spin. The official results here: http://www.historicrace.fi/jurvakt2004.htm.

Team in Vauhdin Maailma 4/2004
Written on Tuesday, April 6. 2004 @ 20:09

Check the Formula article in the newest edition of Vauhdin Maailma. There is thorough description about the present Historic Formula drivers and cars and their history.

Racing Season 2004 schedule
Written on Sunday, February 8. 2004 @ 16:23

Hello All Race Fans!
The Racing Season 2004 is soon starting. The team vehicles have been thoroughly examined during the winter season and we are now ready to start racing. Please find the latest schedule here.

Merja in MTV3 on Sunday 19th Oct
Written on Tuesday, September 30. 2003 @ 12:52

Merja was interviewed on "Beautiful Feelings" Talk Show, hosted by Karita Tuomola. The topics were: How to link Business Woman career with racing, what makes racing interesting, what makes Historic Formula racing special for her.
see here the link to the TV show : Kaunis Olo

Final Race results from Alastaro Circuit Sat 6th September
Written on Sunday, September 7. 2003 @ 13:05

Great Weather, Great Success and GREAT FUN !!!

On Saturday 6th of September this season's last race. Merja was after the 3 first races in her "rookie season" 7th out of 16.

The Results from Qualification were though very good: Merja 8th (Best lap 1:35.616).

The Race started very tight, the top 9 cars driving in one bunch the first 2 laps. In the "Las Palmas" curve, Merja was forced to brake and it caused a spin. All cars passed her, but she started to race like a "devil" to catch up the gap !! And so She did indeed, she finished 6th with her record laptime (1:34.520 being 6,5 sec faster than her last year's first race here in Alastaro)
The Final Season results are: Merja 6th out of 16 cars.

The Emerentsia Team wants to thank You All: Friends, Sponsors (Valvoline, Karjala, Patrol), MTV3 Motorforum, HRF r.y, Co-Driver's From Finland and Sweden, The Niemiset( Seppo,Hannu,Jari) and Voti. You have made our season a success and also Great Driving with FUN.

Let's Continue the same way next Season.

Best Regards,

See some pictures here: the start, merja to start, the team chief, the best of 2003

Historic Grand Race in Ahvenisto 16-17.8.2003
Written on Wednesday, August 20. 2003 @ 15:19

Already traditional Historic Grand Race took place 16th and 17th August at the Ahvenisto circuit in the city of Hämeenlinna. Over ten race heats, free practices and qualifications ensured an eventful motor racing weekend.

This event has continued its growth year by year and in addition to 17 Finnish Formula drivers, there were also 6 Swedish to challenge Finns on their demanding home circuit.
Altogether spectators could see more than 150 cars competing in different series.

As a show race more than 30 old racing motorbikes were driving around the circuit. Just incredible scenery !!

This was Merja's first race in this year 1967 founded circuit and everything went really well.
MTV made a report about the team and it's motivation to race.The film was showed on TV on Sunday evening 17th of August.

Results are here.

Here's some pictures: Team Stand.

Race in Jurva, Botniaring 19-20.7.2003
Written on Tuesday, July 22. 2003 @ 23:35

The weather was Hot. In Saturday practising Merja showhed, that she can be fast and was 4th.In the Qualification Merja was 7th. The Race went well, Merja finished 8th. Total cars in the race were 14. The best laptime being Merja 1.26.550....the gap is closing up ! The Media was also interested about the team. Several interviews were made during the weekend.

Some pictures: the Start,
Official results from the race can be seen here.

First Race in Virtasalmi, Motopark 6.-8. June 2003
Written on Monday, June 9. 2003 @ 16:48

The racing weekend started with Friday practising in heavy raining weather. This was the first time the team was driving in this circuit, so it was even more interesting to drive on the slippery racetrack.

Qualifications on Saturday went well, the difference between Merja was only 0,7 seconds after the first practises...it was getting really exciting race ! The final qualification though showed, that Antero is still the leader in the team, but for how long...??

Sunday morning started sunny and Finnish nature showed it's best faces. The team (especially Merja and Seppo) prepared new strategies before the race, in order to be on the top.

The race was just GREAT FUN !Merja finished6th. No technical nor other problems occured, we just enjoyed the race. Thank's for HRF for the arrangements, Seppo Nieminen for his efforts as the Team Chief and the Good Spirit of all our fellow Competitor's to make all this happen !

Pictures: the Team, Merja takes the curve

American Car Show 18-21th April
Written on Monday, April 21. 2003 @ 22:19

Team stand at the American Car Show 2003 was a success. There were more than 60.000 visitors at the Show. Many old and new racing fans visited our stand, f.ex US Embassy Bonnie McElveen-Hunter. Here are some pictures from the event: Team stand, Merja and Matti (Kimi's father) Räikkönen, Formuladrivers Bisse Airaksinen, Pertti Kiiveri and Antero

Read Article about the team/ lue lehtiartikkeli tiimistä
Written on Saturday, April 5. 2003 @ 12:16

There is a an article about the team in KOTILIESI magazine nr 7 pages 100-102. Published 1.4.2003. Tiimistä Juttu Kotiliedessä nro 7/sivut 100-102

Finnish Icedriving Championships
Written on Friday, March 14. 2003 @ 16:28

First time after 30 years, Historic Formulas were driving on Ice at the Tahkovuori ski resort on Sunday 9th March at
the Finnish Icedriving Championship race.

Spectators were happy to see how these old cars could race on Ice and we driver's had a lot of fun also.
The driver's were: Jyrki Laine, Vesa Liukkonen, Antero Mannila and Merja.

Here are two pictures from the event: merja, formulas

Update: New pictures from the FIC'03 in the Photogallery!

English all the way.
Written on Wednesday, March 12. 2003 @ 18:58

The rest content of this site should now be in English (except an excerpt of a Finnish article).

If you find something in here that you cannot understand, please send me email (webmaster@emerentsiaracingteam.com)!

All corrections to grammar and better suggestions for english terms conserning racing in general are warmly welcomed ;-)

EmerentsiaRacingTeam Webmaster

Fisher ajaa F1-testiajon Indianapolis-radalla!
Written on Saturday, September 21. 2002 @ 14:37

Lue koko juttu. Lähteenä on englanninkielinen F1-Live.comin uutislehtinen.

Alastaron HRF kerhokilpailu la 14.9. Merjan Depyyttikisa !!
Written on Monday, September 16. 2002 @ 15:18

Starttiviivalla olin 10. Aika-ajo tulokset:Merja 8.(1.41).Finaali saatiin onneksi ajettua kuivalla kelillä. Kisa oli mielenkiintoinen, Kierrosnopeudetkin paranivat aika-ajoista.
Hieno kilpailu Merjalta, kanssakilpailijan kommentti " taidat olla luonnonlahjakkuus"...
Kaikki tarkat tulokset löydät HRF:n kotisivuilta. Reportaasi tapahtumasta ja kuvat ovat kalenterisivulla.

KLM Business Formula Alastaro 24.8
Written on Sunday, August 25. 2002 @ 19:34

Tiimimme, Nokia 1 (Merja, Antero, Kimmo, Risto, Henri ja Olli) voitti ylivoimaisesti lauantain 50 hengen kisan.
Kisa muodostui seuraavista osuuksista: Karting slalom-ja endurance, rata-ajoa S60 Challanger Volvoilla, Kyykkää, Golf-puttia ja F1 tietovisasta.

Tässä kuva voitokkaasta ryhmästämme.

EmerentsiaRacingTeam.com avattu!
Written on Tuesday, August 20. 2002 @ 20:28

Merja Fischerin ja Antero Mannilan yhteisprojektille nimeltään Emerentsia Racing Team on nyt avattu oma webbisivusto ja domainnimi. Sivuston on suunnitellut ja tehnyt Mika Linnanoja, minut tavoitat osoitteesta webmaster@emerentsiaracingteam.com. Jos jokin ei jostain syystä toimi kunnolla, pistäpä postia.

Lisätietoja itse tiimistä löytyy täältä.

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